Youth Distant Voice in Terrace Sharing

Youth Distant Voice in Terrace Sharing

By Widayanti Arioka

August 12 is an agreed date to commemorate International Youth Day.

Celebrating International Youth Day, Yayasan Wisnu in cooperation with Yayasan Kampung Halaman and Jalan Jaya 1208 program played teenage diary videos from various communities in Indonesia. Teenage youth diary videos with the theme “Terasing” is also held simultaneously in 25 teen cinema dot on August 12, 2017.

The event entitled “Terrace Sharing” was held at Geo Coffee & Co-Roastery House. Screening of teenage diary videos from the selection of 1208th Street Youth program started at 19.00 WITA, and attended by 25 spectators. There are 5 teenage video diaries and 1 video related to the theme “Terasing” by Bali filmmaker that was screened that night.

The Sharing Terrace opens with “Exodus of the Age” video, “Rumah Ilajarang” Jepara, followed by “Prejudice” video from cinematographic extracurricular “Camera” SMA Negeri 1 Jepara. Later, “LOST” video from the Tasikmalaya “Tangga Film” community, the “Serba Salah” video by “Al-Anwar Media Utama” Jombang, and “3 The Lost Stories” was made by Cilacap’s “Sangkanparan” community.

The video titled “Ayu”, the work of AVB Media Asia and the Indonesian Movement Foundation Can (GERASA), became the last video in Cinema Remaja this time. This video is an adaptation of a true story in Bali. Telling the character of Ayu who since childhood experienced sexual harassment from her stepfather. The condition of his childhood then made himself alienated from childhood until his teenage years.

The video is then followed by a discussion session related to the video diaries that have been witnessed.

The discussion begins with an explanation from Ima Puspita Sari, one of the judges of video diary selection, related to the process of choosing the theme of Jalan Remaja this year. Described by Ima that the theme “Terasing” is the result of the activities of Youth Teachers Javanese Yayasan Kampung Foundation. From the activities of Youth Counseling found various problems of adolescents, which then formulated into one common thread that word “alienated”.

Ima also expressed his admiration for the efforts of his teenage friends to voice their view of alienation. The teenagers managed to translate the “alienated” theme not only in relation to major issues such as AIDS or disability, but alienation can also be felt in everyday problems such as the case of despair in LOST videos or how teenagers face the demands of their social environment in the video ” Awry”.

Some viewers also reflect the issues raised in the video diary. That adolescents have a vulnerability to alienation, even by their daily social interactions. But it turns out, the daily problems are not only felt in adolescence but still also experienced in adulthood.

“Actually the problem raised in the video Serba Salah is not just experienced by those who teenagers. Until maturity we also experience. When lecturing, asked when passed. already graduated, asked where work. After work, asked when to get married. After marriage, asked when have children. After having children, asked when will bikini sister. Just keep going. It seems like everything we’ve done is never enough, all goes wrong “, said Lisa, one of the audience.

This Sharing Terrace also inspires audiences coming from different communities to start collaborating with teenagers, both at community and campus levels, to create teenage videos. The hope, next year’s video diary from Bali can also enliven the Way of Youth 1208.

One of the audience even offered the theme of “adventure” as the theme video diary of Jalan Remaja 1208 the following year. This is related to the phenomenon of today’s teenagers who love to adventure to various places, and problems that arise from the trend “my trip, my adventure” that occurs among teenagers.

Sharing Terrace itself is an initiative initiated by Yayasan Wisnu as a discussion room to respond to social and environmental issues especially in Bali. The first activity is expected to continue on a monthly basis.

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