Exploring the Village Potential

Exploring the Village Potential

Since Wisnu Foundation was chosen as an host organization in April 2018 for the Global Environment Facility – Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP) in Nusa Penida, we began conducting assessments to implement the activities in some village have been chosen:

  • Banjar Semaya – Suana Village
  • Banjar Tanglad – Tanglad Village
  • Banjar Dinas Batukandik 2 – Batukandik Village
  • Banjar Mawan – Batumadeg Village

The 4 villages became pioneers in the implementation of ecological programs in Nusa Penida. With the theme of the project: Increasing Socio-Cultural and Ecological Resilience of Communities in Facing the Urge of Globalization on the Small Island, the activity began with mapping the area in each sub-village (banjar) together with the PPLH Bali Foundation to find out the potential of the region. Together with the young children in 4 banjar’s, they began to explore stories or potentials in their village, including measuring the boundaries of their village accompanied by local village leaders. Young people are chosen to provide insight and explore the potential of their villages. So they have the understanding and enthusiasm to build their village in the future.

Some mapping results and village potentials have been made in a book, the following is a link to the results of the mapping conducted by village youths:

The problem faced when the program began to run was heavy tourist arrivals to Nusa Penida, thus making the majority of young people in each village work in the tourism sector in areas that were busy with tourist activity in Nusa Penida. Based on the data we have, at least 3,000 tourist per day come to Nusa Penida in high season and about 300 tourist in low season. Many of them continue their schooling to Denpasar, which makes the village quiet.

The response of young people after participating in the mapping activity was that they said: “this was the first time they had explored their village and explored the stories in their village”. Even many parents do not know the history and boundaries of their villages, with this activity it is expected to be a reference for learning in the communities in each village for their potential.

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