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Redefining the 30 year journey of the Wisnu Foundation as a local organization in Bali that carries the motto “Keep Bali in Balance” and currently “Keeping Our Living Space in Balance”, is not an easy thing. There are too many ups and downs stories that need to be written in a book, and redefining this organization has had an impact on the communities it supports? Has the existence of the Wisnu Foundation really made a difference at the community level? Or has shared his knowledge with more people? The debate continued until finally the book “Traces of Meaning 30 Years of the Wisnu Foundation” was made.

Of course, this book does not only present stories or reports on activities that Wisnu has carried out, but we also want to listen to the stories of several people from the assisted communities about Wisnu who has been part of the Wisnu family for decades or just a few years. Including from the people who work at Wisnu, so that the activities of the institution can be seen from various sides. Failure becomes a lesson to carry out activities in the community be better, success continues to be disseminated so that it is useful for other communities. Until now, we are still learning and processing to be better, so that more impacts can be disseminated. The birth of this book is an achievement in interpreting the 30 years of Wisnu, as a provision for the next generations.