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Denpasar City is one of the cities in Indonesia with rapid level of development and population. The population development highly influences the tourism industry development, especially in Sanur area, as one of the tourism areas in Bali. This condition directly also influences the amount of waste produced, either from the population itself or produced by the tourism industry.

From May to October 2016, the Denpasar City worked with Gringgo and PPLH Bali, and supported by the American Association of Geographers, we developed the integrated waste management in Denpasar City using smart system. This is an online-based information system allowing the community to know the locations of, and how to access the nearest waste disposal or management location through web or mobile app.

In addition to the technological improvements for the Denpasar City through smart system, we also installed GPS trackers in garbage trucks to track garbage routes in Denpasar City. This program will enable the realisation of Denpasar Clean & Green and Denpasar Smart City.

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