Ecological Tourism in Bongancina Village

The need for accurate village data is very important for each village, one of them is Bongancina Village – Buleleng Regency. The village government invited the Wisnu Foundation to assist its village apparatus and its community groups to build accurate and comprehensive databases and information. The big goal is to develop ecotourism in Bongancina with its various potentials and uniqueness.

The community empowerment in Bongancina Village went through various stages, which are:

  1. Form a village mapping team through mapping education that starts from: preparing data collection instruments based on Permendagri No 12/2007 and facilitating the procurement of tools, recruitment and facilitating village mapping teams, increasing the capacity of mapping teams through spatial – social – sectoral training – using Quantum GIS and photo taking techniques.
  2. Assisting the mapping team in data collection, facilitating data entry, processing data analysis. Maps that have been made are then clarified and revised on the data that has been processed and analysed.
  3. In realising Bongancina as an Ecological Tourism Village, a seminar workshop on the understanding of ecological tourism villages needs to be carried out through discussions and compiling together SOPs, rules, division of roles and rights, business plans.
  4. Arrange ecological tour packages and travel guides as a community base to accompany tourists visiting his village.
  5. To prepare facilities in the village, community groups are trained to develop local culinary, prepare proper accommodation and sanitation, improve the quality of commodity products.

The village map produced by the village mapping team as a basis to show tourists and people who come to the village about the potential of their village and the area restrictions. The community has complete village data as materials for village development in the future.

Project duration: 2018 – 2020

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