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Nyambu village is located in Kediri sub-district, Tabanan Regency and is an urban village with its land comprising more than 60% ricefield. As a desa dinas, Nyambu consists of two desa adat, Pakraman Mundeh village (whole banjar) and Pakraman Kaba Kaba village (two banjars). Besides its ricefield, Nyambu’s culture is unique, especially in Pakraman Mundeh village that is a Bali Mula village.

Because of its uniqueness, Nyambu developed itself to become an Eco-Tourism Village. Some activities to prepare before the the launch were spatial and socio-cultural mapping, development of a village strategic plan, management and eco-tourism village skill trainings, guidebook publishing and promotional material. Some ecological tourism packages offered by Nyambu are Ricefield Trekking and Culture Trekking, among of them (http://jed.or.id/nyambu.htm).

This activity run for almost 1.5 years and started from February 2015 – May 2016. British Council facilitated it and it is a partnership program with PT. Langgeng Kreasi Jayaprima located in Nyambu village. Now, Nyambu is a part of JED (Village Eco-Tourism Network).

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