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Healthy Food!

Healthy Food!

Kimpul, mushroom chips, tortillas, chips garut, ganyong crackers, rengginang … also various kinds of pastries. Abon, milk, soy sauce also exist. All arranged on the table, in Warung Beten Gatep. Almost the same as the goods in the market or supermarket. The difference, all that is laid out is a food made from organic ingredients, and free of preservatives and dyes. In fact, some of which do not contain gluten.

Gluten is a sticky and elastic protein contained in several types of cereals, especially wheat, barley, rye, and little in oats. So, gluten is in bread, biscuits, pasta, breakfast cereals, noodles, and all kinds of food made from wheat flour. In the process of making bread, gluten is useful to bind and make the dough to be elastic so easily formed.

For those who are sensitive to gluten, taking gluten can have adverse effects, such as allergies and celiac disease. Including, autistic children are advised to stay away from gluten and casein (protein contained in milk). Both of these proteins are considered to be toxic because the autistic body does not produce enzymes that can digest gluten and casein – thus disrupting the functioning of the brain and immune system, as well as causing behavioral disorders.
That’s what drives Mother Christien Ismuranty to produce KAINARA products, when Kay – her third child is known to be autistic. No food is available in the market or supermarket, can be selected and ‘safe’ for Kay. After consuming factory food, Kay tends to behave very actively. Meanwhile, Kay also needs food that can ‘pamper’ his tongue. Not only Kay, there are other kids who are also experiencing similar things …The food is ‘natural’ and varied.

You are what you eat … so, not just for autism, we also have to choose what we eat. The more natural and varied, the better for our bodies:

  1. Each of the natural colors in food, such as red on tomatoes, green on broccoli, and yellow in turmeric have their respective functions … so the more natural the food we eat, the better for health.
  2. Fresh food, especially the newly picked contain various substances and vitamins that are still intact. Very wise if we want to grow ourselves, at least consume local food (not imported).
  3. The body needs a lot of variety of foods, including carbohydrate sources. White rice is not the only source of carbohydrates, can also be obtained from brown rice. In addition, Indonesia is also endowed with a variety of tubers rich in carbohydrates and gluten-free.

And … will be more perfect if we can choose and eat organic food. Currently, organic food is still rather difficult to find and the price is still higher than that is not organic. So, the wise choice is to grow the vegetables we eat. This is what Mrs. Hira Jhamtani expressed, reinforcing the story of Mrs. Christien. Hira’s mother when it brought cassava homemade cucumber. Grated cassava, mixed with sago, wrap the banana leaf, steamed. Can make a lot at once, stored in the refrigerator. If you want to eat, just need to be baked for a while.
Additional invitation from Ibu Hira:

  1. A healthy body comes from all that is healthy. So, as much as possible avoid MSG, preservatives, artificial colors, and other chemicals
  2. Can be as usual. One of them, make it a habit to consume healthy and fresh foods that are not made in the factory
  3. One of the effects of climate change is declining crop yields, including rice. One way to adapt to this is to combine the source of carbohydrates, between rice with tubers because tubers proved more resistant to climate change than rice.

Workshop closed with screening of “No Trash”. The film tells about the condition of one village in Sulawesi. Almost all the elementary school children in the village consume “garbage” every day, which is a snack that contains a lot of preservatives, flavorings, and chemical dyes. The content in the food will slowly poison the body. In fact, the village has a variety of healthy foods. So, let’s start eating healthy foods … like lunch when the workshop is done: Pepes mushrooms, fried eels, tempeh bacem, vegetable urap, jukut undis, and rice interrupted. Nyam … !!!

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