Cepuk Weaving

Cepuk Weaving

Cepuk is known as bebali cloth, a sacred cloth used for ceremonial needs. Only Nusa Penida produces this weft, mainly because of its main function as a protector from elements or evil influences. Cepuk is also believed to be a magical cloth for treatment. That is why the cepuk is actually used as a “tapih”, inner lining – so it is not visible directly from the outside.

There are two versions that developed related to the word cepuk, namely:

  1. Derived from the word “tepuk”, meet. Every motif that is in a cepuk always meet each other, one of which then forms a geometric diamond. This is related to the story of Barong and Rangda, where the science of understanding meets the science of psychology which creates a balance of self and universe.
  2. Derived from Sanskrit which means wood canging – but it is not known with certainty the right word because it is not found in the Sanskrit word cepuk. Canging wood spines are used to make barong teeth, and one of the geometric shapes in a cepuk is called barong teeth. Canging wood produces a red color that is identical to of cepuk weaving.

For generations, Tanglad has six types of native cepuk patterns – which were tried to be collected and explore by the Alam Mesari Weaving Group (until this book was written there is still one species that has not yet been found):

  1. Mekawis, to wrap bones in a ceremony of death / death
  2. Kecubung, used by girls during tooth-cutting ceremonies
  3. Lingking Paku, used by boys when ceremonies for cutting teeth (no cloth samples found)
  4. Tangi Gede, functioning as sanan empeg, is used at the ceremony of the second child of three siblings if their first brother and third brother dies
  5. Sudamala, black and white, used when painting (self cleaning)
  6. Kurung, free to use for anything and can be modified

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