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What’s inside Denpasar

What’s inside Denpasar

Skipped 10.00-14.00 on March 21, 2012 with Dokar

Tik tik no tik
tuk tik no tik
tuk tik no tik tuk …
Tik tik no tik
tuk tik no
The sound of horse shoe …

World Silent Day this time is ‘celebrated’ with unique. Travel around the city of Denpasar up the gig, while making a green map. In addition to not generating carbon emissions, the privileged ride also reminds us on one side of the ‘development’ impact. Apparently, there is a group of people who are marginalized by the arrival of motor vehicles: Mr. Kusir.

Mr. Nyoman, has been a coachman since 1963, after Mount Agung erupted. At that time, besides bicycle, dokar is the main vehicle in Denpasar. The doctrine had its glory until the 1980s. There are about 150 fleets of gigs throughout the city. Entering 1990, the number of fleets began to decline. Dokar mastered the highway along with motorcycle taxi and bemo as public transportation. The longer the number of docks decreases … especially when the motor can be purchased very easily and cheaply. There are currently no more than 60 gigs across the city.

Currently rarely do people Denpasar to ride dock – only parents, or there is a order around the city to take school children or tourists. But not only that which causes the number of docks decreased. Grass for horse feed is also increasingly difficult to obtain. The land that was once overgrown with grass, has changed with the building. Meanwhile, if you have to buy bran is very difficult because there is no income from passengers. And, just like a farmer, the profession as a coachman is not favored by young people. Most of the coachmen are old people. There are young people, but Javanese or Lombok people.

Four hours with Mr. Kusir and his 50-year-old horse … the path that passes like a red line in the following picture, starting at and ending at the yellow point, Jl. Kartini-Jl. Gajah Mada.
What can be seen in Denpasar?

  1. Bale bengong – before starting to depart from Jl. Kartini, first picture!
  2. Small market, also on Jl. Kartini
  3. Bali Museum – There is a Car District Internet Service Center in front of the museum. There is a very old artistic frangipani tree, and next to it there is a statue of Buddha. Well, in one of the connecting doors, there is a statue of a woman who may be the same age as the Bali Museum: 110 years old! Hmmm … the air is very fresh because of the many big trees.
  4. Highway lovers: The kids love to see the gigs … “want to come dik?”, Hair is painted and nails berbutek … keingingan child or parents huh ?, “Helm sister where, sir? Hot …”
  5. Water on the highway – there are horse pigeons and puddles … but not rain.
  6. Again … GREAT TREE! And, there is a use of the trunk to tie the banner strap “cast out all the evil”. In addition to trees, the river in Denpasar is also awake … neatly arranged and no garbage. Great!!!
  7. Life is always colored with two different things and maybe it is complementary … plastic! If the items made of plastic are removed from our house, how empty is our house contents?

Apparently Denpasar is a city that is still quite beautiful. Especially if the highway is not too crowded with motor vehicles. Someday, maybe … there will be one path in Denpasar that can only be passed by gig, bicycle, and pedestrian. Hmmm … !!!

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