GEDSI for a Quality and Happy Life

GEDSI for a Quality and Happy Life

“As an old traditional village, Tenganan Pegringsingan has a different system from other villages in Bali. One of them is the equal status between women and men, where both have the same inheritance rights. “This concept is also adopted in the traditional village government system, namely that the traditional village leaders are husband and wife.”

This was conveyed by Putu Wiadnyana, a young Tenganan Pegringsingan figure when opening the GEDSI (Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion) Socialization activity on March 21 2024 in his village. This activity is part of the Strengthening the Economy of Traditional Villages project, in collaboration with the Wisnu Foundation and supported by The Samdhana Institute. Mrs. Mia Siscawati from the University of Indonesia as the resource person and Denik Puriati as the moderator invited the participants to get to know GEDSI. Apart from Tenganan Pegringsingan, participants came from Dukuh Sibetan, Kiadan Pelaga, Penarungan, Pedawa, Tigawasa, Adat Dalem Tamblingan in Catur Desa, Nyambu, Tanglad and Banjar Nyuh Nusa Penida (Bukit Keker Learning House).

Gender is a social/society construction about how men and women should act, behave, play and have positions. This construction is “attached” to each gender. Gender also refers to the DIFFERENCE in the characteristics, roles and positions of women and men which are formed by family and society, and are influenced by social systems, culture, religious interpretations, beliefs, economics, politics, etc. Gender inequality refers to a situation where a person experiences various forms of injustice due to strict distinctions regarding the roles and positions of women and men which are formed through social construction.

An interesting thing was conveyed by Mr. Sukrata from Pedawa Village, that the gender of the baby that will be born can be predicted from the womb. If the mother craves prey meat, the child that will be born will be a boy. However, if you crave jewelry, the child that will be born will usually be female. So it is believed that this is related to nature, even though it is actually a gender norm formed by social construction.

Furthermore, Persons with Disabilities are any person who experiences physical, intellectual, mental and/or sensory limitations for a long period of time who, in interacting with the environment, may experience obstacles and difficulties in participating fully and effectively with other citizens based on equal rights. People with disabilities have often received unfair treatment, such as negative labeling, inferiority, marginalization, excessive burdens, and violence.

In fact, according to Mr. Satya from Nyambu, even though they have limitations, people with disabilities have advantages that people around them often don’t see. Meanwhile in some villages, such as Tenganan, “teenagers” with disabilities are not involved in taruna or daha activities, instead it is more a form of appreciation because there are many physical activities of bringing something during the ceremony which they feel would make it difficult if they were involved.

Meanwhile, social exclusion describes a situation where individuals cannot participate fully in the fields of economic, social, political and cultural life. So, society needs to carry out social inclusion, namely the process of increasing participation in various aspects of life for people who are disadvantaged through increasing opportunities, access to resources, and respect for rights. Those who are disadvantaged may occur on the basis of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economics or other status.

GEDSI can be implemented through two paths or dual paths, namely through mainstreaming GEDSI and through empowering women, vulnerable groups and marginalized groups. So, from exclusive and discriminatory conditions and GEDSI blindness, it becomes GEDSI neutral, GEDSI sensitive and responsive, to GEDSI transformative. Conditions in which women and men live quality and happy lives, as well as for people with disabilities.

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