fromvillage: Optimization of Village Potential in Protecting the Environment and Developing Alternative Businesses through Natural Soap Production

Village communities tend to be consumptive and instant, as in the use of bath soap to maintain skin cleanliness. Bathing soap is usually bought at grocery stalls in the village or when going to the city. Even though the village has the potential to make its own soap as a daily necessity. Potential villages that have not been used optimally, including ceremonial coconut waste and various plants that function for skin health and hygiene.

The “daridesa” (fromvillage) program supported by PUPUK (Association for the Improvement of Small Businesses) was developed using a participatory natural soap manufacturing business development intervention strategy. The strategy was chosen because participatory business creation is one way to increase understanding and skills in managing the potential of village-based communities and the environment. The village has a wealth of resources in the form of waste (coconut and paper) as well as various types of plants (coffee, cloves, aloe vera, rice, cananga flower, bamboo, patchouli, mint, telang flower, sere, and various types of fruit) that have not been optimally managed.

The intervention was carried out in the hope that it would produce positive changes in the target villages as follows:

  1. Benefits of change
  • Opening business opportunities as alternative income
  • Optimizing village potential
  • Opportunities for village business development and business cooperation management
  • Knowledge and willingness to use natural soap products

02. Behaviour Change type

  • Increased knowledge and skills about natural soap
  • Added value for village potential, especially coconut and paper waste and various types of plants
  • Opportunities for village business development and business management / cooperation
  • Disseminating information on natural soap products

The main target groups of the project are women and young people who live in four villages in Bali, which are:

  • Nyambu Village, Tabanan Regency
  • Banyuseri Village, Buleleng Regency
  • Bongancina Village, Buleleng Regency
  • Banjar Pengubengan Kauh, Kerobokan Village, Badung Regency

Program duration: July 2018 – June 2020

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